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Rental Terms and Conditions

Estimates and Quotes

Rental prices quoted on written estimates are good for 15 days after the date of the estimate.

All verbal estimates, telephone quotes and inquiries are non-binding. Requests for information or prices do not constitute a binding reservation or contract between the persons requesting the quote and West Michigan Event Outfitters, LLC.

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Reservations for equipment and agreements to provide services require a non-refundable down payment of 50% of the entire fee in order to constitute a contract between both parties.

NOTE: Tent reservations require a 50% down payment with the remainder paid in full three weeks prior to the scheduled event. Cancellation of the tent rental less than two weeks prior to the event results in forfeiture of the entire tent fee.

All down payments Are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment by you of a down payment for reservation of equipment or services indicates your acceptance of all terms and conditions.

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Delivery of Rental Items

Delivery and pickup of your rental items is available for an additional charge. This is a one-time flat fee that covers both the delivery and the pickup of a single item rented or a truck load. Delivery charges are based on mileage and not quantity or weight. With fuel costs the way they are now, please call for current rates.

You can pick up and return most items yourself. Due to the weight of and/or the possibility of damage, some items are required to be delivered by West Michigan Event Outfitters LLC. A typical example would be our better chairs. Each chair pallet weighs nearly 450 pounds. After a couple of really bad experiences where chairs were damaged through careless customer handling we require that we deliver and pick up these chairs. Our economy line of chairs is available for customer pick up and return - and, honestly, they show it.

NOTE: The delivery fee DOES NOT include setup or teardown of your party or event. Example: chairs are delivered on pallets to your site. You remove the chairs from the pallet for your event and return them to the pallet after the event. Setup and teardown of your event is available at our standard labor rate.


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Should you need to cancel the reservation, you may do so but you will forfeit your down payment.


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Payment Methods

West Michigan Event Outfitters, LLC gladly accepts payment by:

Payment in full, including any security deposit is required on or before the time of delivery of the equipment or service. The only exceptions to this policy are businesses and organizations with established accounts.

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Equipment Rental Policies

Security Deposits are required on some equipment. The amount will vary depending on what type of equipment and quantities. The deposit amount is detailed on written estimates and on contracts. Security deposits will be refunded upon return of the equipment in good condition and properly cleaned as noted below.

Damage Charges will be charged for all damaged, broken and/or missing items. This includes hangers, storage boxes and other containers provided for the transportation and security of rental items.

Tables and Chairs are not waterproof and are to be protected from the elements. Wet items rust and mildew. You will be charged the replacement cost for any item damaged in that way.

All Items Are to be Returned Clean with the exception of table dinnerware,linens and napkins (SEE BELOW). You will be charged a cleaning fee for items not returned clean.

Color Changes to Table Linens, Napkins etc. will be made at no additional charge as long as the change is ordered 3 weeks in advance of the date of the event. Color changes after that date will be assessed an additional amount equal to 50% of the rental cost for which the color change is requested.

Soiled Table Linens and Napkins are to be shaken clean of all food particles and debris and then stored in the soiled linen bags provided. DO NOT place wet or damp linens in bags as they will mildew. MILDEW DAMAGE IS IRREPAIRABLE and you will be charged the replacement cost of the item. Candle wax, in many cases, is impossible to remove and you will be charged the replacement cost of the item.

Tableware, Dinnerware and Drinkware are to be rinsed clean of food particles and placed back into the bags inside the carry containers. Do not place more items in the carry containers than it is designed to hold. With few exceptions, this means no more than 25 items per container. All broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged and missing items must be paid for at the time of return.

Rental Rates are quoted as one-day rates unless other arrangements are made. Multiple day, weekly and monthly rates are available. Item return is expected to be during normal business hours on the contracted return date unless other arrangements have been made. Items returned late may be assessed additional rental fees.

Delivery/Pickup is available at added cost. See the delivery section above for details. Table and Chair Instructions in PDF format

Setup/Teardown is available at added cost. Labor is charged per hour per person in quarter-hour increments. There is a one-hour minimum per person. Setup and teardown outside of regular business hours or on weekends is subject to an additional fee. Call for current labor rates.

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Special Terms and Conditions for Tents

50% down payment is required at the time of reservation. This down payment is non-refundable. The remainder of the tent rental fee must be paid at least two weeks prior to the delivery date. This is non-refundable.

Rental Rates are quoted for installation on grass. Installation on asphalt requires an additional charge. Installations on hills and slopes may require an additional charge. Installation on sand (example: erecting a tent on a beach) will require additional equipment and labor charges.

West Michigan Event Outfitters, LLC and/or it's sub-contractor is not responsible for damage to underground utilities including sprinkler systems.

Download a free copy of our Tent Site Inspection Checklist in Adobe PDF format.

Letter of Permission is required from owner if location where tent is to be installed is not owned by the renter.

Caution! All tents are meant as temporary shelter and must be evacuated under bad weather conditions. Tents are NOT guaranteed 100% weatherproof and DO NOT offer protection from lightning or other hazards associated with weather extremes. Do not occupy tent during times of bad weather.


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Churches and Other Nonprofit Organizations

We offer a discount on all equipment rentals as well as other benefits to churches of all faiths and to other charitable organizations. Please call (231) 924-3460 to set up an account. Please have your state or federal tax ID available.

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Prices subject to change without notice. All prices quoted on these pages may not reflect the current price. Call for a written estimate.

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